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The real ghostbusters in the skimpy uniforms of hooters (a

The real ghostbusters in the skimpy uniforms of hooters (a fast food restaurant) ((they are all men)). 
the ghostbusters are ray stantz, peter venkman, egon spengler and winston zeddemore. 
ray stantz: white skin, a bit short, chubby, chubby cheeks, plump belly, brown eyes, red/orange hair.
peter venkman: white skin, tall, muscolar, greenish/brown eyes, brown hair. 
egon spengler: white skin, tall, thin, blue eyes, red round glasses, blond hair, full lips. 
winston zeddemore: black skin, tall, thin, brown eyes, black hair. 
hooters uniform: a tight white t-shirt with hooters and an owl written on the front and very revealing orange shorts. in anime style
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