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The image dépits a stylized,masterpièce charcter with

The image dépits a stylized,masterpièce charcter with vibrant long curly dark white purple hair,standing in body of water that appears to be magical creature  lake,deity of magic lake. (body correct,the body perfectly proportioned) the quenn fairy dark skin, glossy skin,is wearing a royale luxury haute couture dress with 3d fractal design.the background features a majestise celeste magical fairy sky with pink,orane blue and yellow indicating a sunset;the sky is filled with clouds,and the watheraround the fairy creating a dynamic and energetic astmophere.the petals fying;the particle litgh flying; the bubble water flying, the quality image very détalied and best quality, 4k resolution,production cinematographique caracter render. in anime style
If you liked the result and want to get the same image but more detailed and of higher quality in 1024 resolution, click the Hyper-detailed 1024px button. If you didn't like the generated concept, try changing the Prompt, use Advanced mode parameters, or choose a different AI model.
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