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Please me me a sketch of sukuna ryomen from jujutsu kaisen

Please me me a sketch of sukuna ryomen from jujutsu kaisen in his full original from sukuna is a tall and muscular man with four arms, four eyes, and a large mouth on his stomach. he has short pink-red hair and red eyes, with his two right eyes being angled differently and located on a white flesh plate-like structure on the right side of his face. he also has black tattoos n his face and body. his outfit should be in a more japanese god like outfit. also try your best to make it in the same art style. make it look as close to sukuna as possible. hes quite muscular as well. dont forget the stomach mouth please. his hair is pushed back and spiked along with more of a salmon pink color. he has a cocky smirk as well. dont forget the four arms and fave plate. in the jujutsu kaisen art style and full body in anime style
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