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Mister handy floats gracefully through the air with an

Mister handy floats gracefully through the air with an almost whimsical elegance, its spherical body adorned with sleek metal plating that gleams softly in the light. its three metallic arms extend from the center, each equipped with an array of tools and gadgets, ready to perform a variety of tasks with precision and efficiency. at the top of its body sits a large, domed head, housing a single, glowing ocular sensor that scans its surroundings with a curious intensity. despite its mechanical nature, there's a certain charm to mister handy's design, with its rounded edges and friendly demeanor suggesting a helpful and approachable presence. as it hovers along, emitting a gentle hum, it exudes an aura of reliability and trustworthiness, making it a welcome sight in any post-apocalyptic landscape. in steampunk style
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