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Generate an image of a space alien with very large,

Generate an image of a space alien with very large, expressive eyes that convey a sense of defiance. the alien has smooth, greenish-blue skin with a slight luminescent glow, and its head is slightly elongated, giving it an otherworldly appearance. it has long fingers. the alien is holding up its middle finger in a clear "fuck you" gesture, with its facial expression showing a mix of mischievous defiance and rebellious attitude. the overall atmosphere should be both humorous and provocative., (cartoon-style bold line work:1.2), vibrant colors, cel shading in anime style
If you liked the result and want to get the same image but more detailed and of higher quality in 1024 resolution, click the Hyper-detailed 1024px button. If you didn't like the generated concept, try changing the Prompt, use Advanced mode parameters, or choose a different AI model.
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