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From a frontal view, a vault dweller from vault 72 stands

From a frontal view, a vault dweller from vault 72 stands out with their clean and uniform appearance. they wear a well-fitted blue jumpsuit, accented by bright yellow stripes running down the sleeves and legs, and the number 72 prominently displayed on the chest and back. the jumpsuit, crafted from durable material, is meticulously maintained, though it may bear the occasional scuff or patch from recent ventures outside the vault. their skin is less weathered compared to wasteland survivors, and their facial features are less rugged, indicating a sheltered life underground. their eyes, reflecting a blend of curiosity and caution, peer out from beneath a slightly disheveled yet clean haircut. on their left wrist, they wear a pip-boy, a bulky yet indispensable device for navigation and survival, marking them unmistakably as a vault 72 resident. in steampunk style
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