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Four 13-year-old girls sit on a picnic blanket in a

Four 13-year-old girls sit on a picnic blanket in a sun-dappled park:

nia: she has short, brown, curly hair that frames her face. her dark skin glows in the warm sunlight, and she wears oversized glasses perched on her nose. nia is engrossed in a book.
lena: her long, brown hair falls down her back, catching the breeze. with medium skin tone, she sits cross-legged, a small notebook resting on her lap. her pen in her hand.
ella: the girl with long, blonde hair seems lost in thought. her very pale skin contrasts with the vibrant green grass. her expression is serious, brows furrowed.
ruby: the redhead, her curly hair woven into a messy plait, radiates energy. her light skin freckles in the sunlight. ruby kneels beside a friendly dog, their laughter blending with the rustling leaves in custom style
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