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Fizzwick brighthand, a small yet brave forest gnome, was

Fizzwick brighthand, a small yet brave forest gnome, was always destined for greatness despite his humble stature. from a young age, he felt a divine calling, drawn to the holy teachings of the church of the radiant flame. his just and kind heart earned him a place among the clergy, where he diligently studied and honed his skills as a healer and protector. however, fizzwick's path took a strange turn when he encountered a celestial being during a pilgrimage. the being bestowed upon him a fragment of its divine power, marking the beginning of his journey as a cleric-warlock hybrid.

as a devout cleric of the life domain, fizzwick dedicated himself to healing and protecting the innocent, his holy powers amplified by the celestial patron's blessings. despite his small size, he exhibited immense bravery, standing fearlessly against darkness and corruption. in anime style
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