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Create a youtube channel header image for a channel named

Create a youtube channel header image for a channel named "money making ai tools." the header should have a professional and modern design with a focus on technology and finance. include elements such as ai icons, dollar signs, graphs, and futuristic digital effects. use a color scheme that combines shades of blue, green, and white to convey trust, innovation, and wealth. ensure the channel name, "money making ai tools," is prominently displayed in bold, readable text, ideally in a sleek, tech-inspired font. the overall aesthetic should be clean and appealing to viewers interested in using ai for financial gain.  image dimensions should be 2048px x 1152px in anime style
If you liked the result and want to get the same image but more detailed and of higher quality in 1024 resolution, click the Hyper-detailed 1024px button. If you didn't like the generated concept, try changing the Prompt, use Advanced mode parameters, or choose a different AI model.
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