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Best quality, masterpiece, ultra-detailed, digital painting,

Best quality, masterpiece, ultra-detailed, digital painting, vibrant colors, lively atmosphere, 1 girl, chinese ethnicity, 36 years old, 1.67 meters tall, black hair, black eyes, slender physique, ample chest, round buttocks, school setting, classroom, teacher, elegant, professional attire, glasses, chalkboard, desks and chairs, sunlight streaming through the windows, students engaged in learning, bustling and dynamic scene, a sense of knowledge and growth, warm and inviting ambianceno clothes. in anime style
If you liked the result and want to get the same image but more detailed and of higher quality in 1024 resolution, click the Hyper-detailed 1024px button. If you didn't like the generated concept, try changing the Prompt, use Advanced mode parameters, or choose a different AI model.
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