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A vault dweller from vault 72 typically has a cleaner and

A vault dweller from vault 72 typically has a cleaner and more uniform appearance compared to other wasteland survivors. they wear a distinctive jumpsuit made of durable blue fabric, marked with yellow stripes and the number 72 emblazoned on the back. this suit, designed for both comfort and practicality, is usually well-maintained, though it might show signs of wear and tear if they've been outside for a while. their skin may appear less weathered, and their features less rugged than those who have spent more time in the wasteland, reflecting a life lived largely underground. however, their eyes might carry a mix of curiosity and wariness, adjusting to the harsh realities of the outside world. they also often have a pip-boy on their wrist, a multi-functional device essential for navigation and survival, further identifying them as someone from vault 72. in steampunk style
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