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a disney pixar inspire poster of an indian woman and man,

 a disney pixar inspire poster of an indian woman and man, standing under a tree with thick red flower garlands hanging from the tree around them. the woman is standing to the left of the man, holding him with her hands placed on his chest. her hands have henna on the backs of them, and she has lots of gold tan and silver bangles. she is smiling into her husbands cheek and has a champagne and orange saari on. she has long straight brown hair, thick eyelashes, and a wedding ring on. her husband is standing to the right of her in a matching champange sherwani with sequins. his face is half covered by his wifes, but he has very short dark brown hair and a close shaved beard. he is kissing her cheek on the side you cannot see, and has his arms wrapped around her with his hands placed on her waist. they are facing each other in the photo. in anime style
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