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(1girl:1.3), solo, (((very detailed face)))), ((very

(1girl:1.3), solo, (((very detailed face)))), ((very detailed eyes and face)))), beautiful detail eyes, body parts__, official art, unified 8k wallpaper, super detailed, beautiful and beautiful, beautiful, masterpiece, best quality, original, masterpiece, super fine photo, best quality, super high resolution, realistic realism, sunlight, full body portrait, amazing beauty, dynamic pose, delicate face, vibrant eyes, (from the back), she wears see through suit, very detailed city roof background, rooftop, overlooking the city, detailed face, detailed complex busy background, messy, gorgeous, milky white, highly detailed skin, realistic skin details, visible pores, clear focus, volumetric fog, 8k uhd, dslr, high quality, film grain, fair skin, big booty, photo realism, lomography, futuristic dystopian megalopolis, translucent in anime style
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