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New Meta's AI-powered Image Generator

This tool is powered by Meta’s Emu image generation model and is currently free for users in the U.S. It generates four images per prompt and is similar to OpenAI's DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

Meta has launched a new AI-powered image generator named Imagine with Meta AI, marking its entry into the burgeoning field of AI-driven creative tools. This platform enables users to transform text prompts into images, expanding the scope of AI's creative capabilities.

Imagine with Meta AI stands out in the AI image generation landscape for several reasons. It's accessible through a Meta account, which can be created using existing Facebook or Instagram profiles. Once logged in, users can input text prompts that the AI converts into four distinct 1280×1280 pixel images, saved in JPEG format. These images carry a small watermark in the lower left corner, indicating their AI-generated nature​​.

The AI powering this new feature, known as Emu, emphasizes aesthetic alignment and is built upon a large dataset of 1.1 billion text-image pairs drawn from Facebook and Instagram. This approach differs from other AI companies that typically rely on internet-scraped images or those licensed from commercial stock image libraries. Emu's unique dataset contributes to its ability to create high-quality, visually appealing images​​.

In terms of performance, while Imagine with Meta AI demonstrates proficiency in creating photorealistic images, its capabilities vary. It handles complex prompts relatively well, but its proficiency in rendering text and different media outputs like watercolors, embroidery, or pen-and-ink drawings could see improvement. Despite these areas for enhancement, the AI has shown notable strengths in certain aspects of image generation​​.

However, the release of this new AI image generator hasn't been without its hiccups. Some initial tests of the platform yielded mixed results, underscoring the challenges inherent in developing and refining AI-driven creative tools. Moreover, while the generator is designed to filter out content related to violence, explicit language, and references to certain figures and characters, it has shown some inconsistencies in these areas​​.

An important aspect of Imagine with Meta AI is the ethical considerations surrounding AI-generated content. To address concerns regarding potential misuse for creating disinformation or harmful content, Meta has implemented filters and plans to activate a watermarking system. A disclaimer also warns users that the generated images might be inaccurate or inappropriate​​.

This new tool represents a significant step for Meta in the AI domain, leveraging its vast cache of user-shared content to fuel the AI's creative processes. While there are challenges and ethical concerns to navigate, Imagine with Meta AI showcases the potential of AI in expanding the boundaries of creative expression.